Client work:

Grant research, writing and management

Proposal development

Strategic planning

Funding | Planning | Growth


Serving Nonprofits, Businesses
and Local Governments

McShane, Hunter & Associates, LLC serves nonprofits, businesses and local governments with research, grant writing, technical writing, grant review, grant administration, and other services.

We help nonprofits and local governments find resources and funding for projects, programs, equipment, planning, infrastructure and more. We research foundations, government funding sources, and corporate giving programs that align with the needs of our clients.

We offer businesses our expertise on proposal development, responding to RFPs, and building relationships
with nonprofits for grants, collaboration and program expansion. We also help clients build a business that engages its employees, connects with customers, and makes a difference in the community.

Our mission is to help your organization grow by identifying needs, opportunities and resources to accomplish specific goals and objectives, whether through grants, online crowdfunding campaigns, program/service development, investors, or partners.

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